This was a MSc student project.  A group of four students were asked to investigate a musical group called Med3.  Med3 is made up of service users who have mental health issues and use music as a common form of communication.  The students tell the story by following one of the members.


This was a MSc student project.  A group of four students were asked to get to know a group of care-leavers and tell their story in a series of black & white still photographs, put into a slide-show.


This film was an attempt to demonstrate what a waste of time and money most day centres are.  It came from the experience of Ann, who was used to doing a lot of teaching when she lived in America.  When she moved to the UK she asked her Social Worker about getting back into daytime activities, all that was offered was a day centre.

The drama is very ‘tongue in cheek’ but gets the point across.


This film examines the problems experienced by young people with disabilities who have over-protective parents.

The young lady wants to attend the local disco tonight with her boyfriend.  Her parents are astonished that she is interested in having a personal relationship and when she mentions that she would like to go on holiday with him instead of with them, they cannot deal with the situation.


Using a camera fixed to his wheelchair, we experience Richard’s journey from his home to the University and witness his difficulty accessing the lecture theatre, where he is due to participate in giving a lecture.

The film also includes personal reflections from MSc students who helped to make the film as part of one of their projects.


This is based on the experience of one of our SWIG members, where every time she had an appointment with her Social Worker, she found that the previous one had ‘moved on’ and had not transferred any details or casework to the new SW.


This is a documentary, where SWIG members talk about how and why they take part in Social Work training at Portsmouth University.  It is framed on an acrostic based on the words SOCIAL WORK.


This is a comedy drama exploring the common experience of wheelchair users being ignored and talked about rather than talked to.


This film is based on the experiences of Christina who, at the age of 17, had a serious car accident which left her with brain damage. She had to learn to do everything again – even the basic functions such as walking and talking - and has very little memory of her life before the accident.

The film is an attempt to describe her experiences in dealing with the large number of professionals and well-meaning volunteers assigned to help her while in hospital after the accident.