Our Work

What we do

Interviewing potential students

We sit on the interview panels with a member of the teaching staff and a social worker in practice. We use a set number of questions and score our answers together at the end of the interview.

Assessing presentations

A lot of the students’ marked work is in the form of presentations We sit on the assessment panels that watch and listen to the presentations. After each one there is a discussion and a mark is agreed.

Fitness to Practice panels

Towards the end of Year 1, each student has to pass a Fitness to Practice panel before they do their placements in Year 2 and 3. It is essential that the University ensures that the student has grasped the basics of social work before they can be allowed out on practice. These panels consist of a service user, teacher and a practicing social worker. We give each student a ‘scenario’ and ask questions on what they would do in each case, as well as asking general questions on social work practice.


From time to time, some SWIG members are invited to give a lecture or short talk to social work students, in order to give them an insight into a particular issue from a service users’ perspective. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with a member of the teaching team or a social worker.

Film making

Throughout the year, we have opportunities to work with students from the Drama department within the University. We develop pieces of drama that can be used for the CREATE day.